Our Covid 19 Response

In response to the Covid-19 pandemic, we have made some changes to the in-studio procedures with our clients and team’s well-being in mind.

Arrival at the studio

On arrival, please remember to distance from other class members. You will be required to leave all personal belongings such as coats and shoes in the storage area and make sure you wash your hands or use the hand sanitizer provided.

The first client to arrive for a class will be allocated their space within the studio first (usually furthest from the entrance), the second to arrive will then be allocated their space (usually the middle) and the third (usually closest to the entrance).

Departure from the studio

On leaving the studio you will leave one at a time to avoid congregating in the cloakroom area. Please clean your hands again upon leaving the space and do not congregate inside to avoid congestion when the next class arrives.

Small Props

We recommend that you bring your own small props with you to your classes (such as, but not limited to bands, spikey balls, soft balls). All equipment can be purchased through the studio. If your instructor is planning to use a specific piece of equipment with you in a class, where possible we will give you as much advanced notice about what equipment to bring with you. See the Small Equipment Price List within this email for more details.


When attending mat-based classes at the studio we recommend, where possible, that you bring your own mat with you. Mats can be purchased through the studio, please contact Bryony for details. If you wish to use a studio mat you must ensure it is fully cleaned at the end of your session. Appropriate cleaning materials will be supplied for this.

Studio Cleaning

At the end of your class you will also be expected to wipe down/clean any equipment or apparatus you have used from the studio. The cleaning products used are anti-bacterial and anti-viral.

As well as regular cleaning of equipment, a thorough cleaning rota has been put in place so that the whole studio is cleaned regularly.

Class Length

In-studio classes remain at 55 minutes to provide time at the end of the session for any questions and where appropriate for clients to clean equipment they have been using.

Time between classes

There is now a 15 minute gap between every class and 1-2-1s at the studio. This allows for clients to leave the studio at the end of their class before the next class arrives. During this time the instructor will also ensure the space is clean and ready for the next class or 1-2-1 to begin on time. Please arrive no earlier than 5 minutes before your class is due to start.

Studio Layout

The studio equipment and mats have been laid out in the space to allow for social distancing. When exercising, we will ensure that you are not facing anyone else whilst exercising and will only perform exercises either facing away, or side-on to another client. Keeping equipment spaced out in the studio also avoids the need to move the reformers between classes.

Class Sizes

Until further notice, classes will be held for a maximum of 3 clients. This means that, including the instructor, there will be no more than 4 people within the studio at one time. This allows for adequate spacing to comply with regulations, and it is also a great opportunity for us to tailor sessions to the clients in each class.

Wearing of Masks

At present the government advice is that, if you are indoors in a place where social distancing is not possible, face coverings should be worn. It is currently not compulsory for you to wear a mask within a Pilates session but if you would feel more comfortable wearing one in your sessions that is absolutely fine. Your instructor will wear a mask in sessions when she is moving around the space and cannot socially distance.